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Скачать учебник английского языка Невзорова Никитушкина бгту военмех
28.03.2015 18:36

Невзорова ГД., Никитушкина Г.И. Учебник английского языка для вузов.  СПб. Издательство «Северная Звезда».

Невзорова ГД., Никитушкина Г.И. Учебник английского языка для вузов (бгту военмех).
СПб. Издательство «Северная Звезда».

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Текст School in the USA с переводом
19.06.2010 15:27

Обновление: мы выложили новый учебник по английскому для бгту военмех:

Скачать учебник по английскому Невзорова, Никитушкина.

School in the USA.

In the United States, the word «school» describes any place where people learn.

You can use the word «school»  for any English language institute, graduate program, or secondary school.

College or university follows after high school, or secondary school. A two-year «junior» college offers an Associate Degree. A four-year college or university offers a Bachelor's Degree. One of these schools is a college where students receive a Bachelor's Degree. In other school students receive advanced degrees. A university usually offers graduate programs both in professional fields such as engineering and in academic subjects such as English literature.

Most «colleges»  are separate schools. They are not located in a university

Students in the USA prefer to use the word «college» rather than the word «university» when they talk about the four-year undergraduate program and the Bachelor's Degree.

So, Americans use the word “university” and not «college» when they talk about graduate study.

Education in the United States comprises three levels: elementary, secondary and higher education. There are two types of educational institutions - private and state. Kids start school by going to kindergartens at the age of 6, which is often a part of grade schools First six years are elementary school, then come junior high (grades 7 -8) and high school (grades 9-12).

Most pupils follow a course that includes basic subjects-English, science and mathematics, social sciences and physical education. Students usually receive grades A (excellent) to F (failing) in each course they take on the basis of performance in tests given throughout the year.

Sometime during school students are given an 1Q test. It is not a test of their knowledge, but of their ability to think.

The results (scores) from these tests are Known only by the teachers.

If you have a high IQ score the teachers expect more of you, and give you more interesting work to do. Though there is no separate educational system for the wealthy, there have always been private schools at all levels which are not supported primarily by public funds and charge fees. Private schools are usually smaller, some are open to all classes and some are not. Many private schools are boarding schools where kids often stay at school and don't go home after classes. Some schools are single-sex, whereas most public schools are co-educational (coed). Most young Americans graduate from school with a high school diploma upon satisfactory completion. Each student is given a high school transcript. Over half of the students enter institutions of higher education, others may get further education at special colleges. 

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Английский грамматический тест №1 - 2 семестр - 1 курс военмех
07.04.2008 01:16

Английский язык бгту военмех скачать ответы на тест по грамматике.


1 курс

2 семестр тест №1

Excel [шпора]

[Download - Скачать]

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Лингвистический тест - ответы
26.11.2007 22:51
1курс - 1 семестр - 1-й лингвистический тест по английскому в военмехе. Уровень сложности теста и так на нуле, но кому сложно разобраться, качайте ответы.
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